Fall Wines with Eatzi’s West Plano

Fall is the perfect time of year for relaxing with a glass of wine in one hand and a good book in the other. As the air begins to cool and entire landscapes change color, life seems to slow down a bit. Flavors become richer, deeper and seemingly more complex as we prepare ourselves for the harsh winter months ahead of us. Wine is certainly no exception to this rule. The wine experts at Eatzi’s West Plano have chosen three equally decadent wines, all varying in country of origin and variety.

Peju Province Merlot 

Deep red wines are highly regarded as the official wine of the fall season. This Californian Merlot is full of complex flavors that stimulate your senses in such a profound way, you can recognize a different flavor with every sip you take. Grown and cultivated in the Napa Valley region of California, you know that this wine is worthwhile. With a fruity bouquet and mild tannins, Peju Province Merlot is recommended for the easy-going wine drinker with time for relaxation. The subtle hints of raspberry will titillate your senses so much, you might not even notice the deep plum and blackberry flavors until the end of the bottle.

Atticus Chardonnay

This elegantly Australian wine has all the complexities of a rich red, and all of that buttery finesse only a white wine could possess. The bright flavor of the Atticus Chardonnay immediately hits you with the distinguished taste of white peach and nectarine. As the flavor retreats, a nutty cream flavor lingers on your tongue that leaves you wanting more. Eatzi’s West Plano definitely suggests putting this western Australian beauty at the top of your fall white wine list.

Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label

This is certainly one of the most iconic sparkling wines of all time, but it is so appropriate for this list, we couldn’t leave it off. The toasty vanilla aroma that the Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label produces is so reminiscent of fall, it practically screams it in your face. Upon first taste, the subtle notes of fruit delicately dance on your tongue. As this enchanting flavor diminishes, a note of smoky excellence lingers in your mouth that gently brings you back to reality.

With as many wines as we had to leave off of this list, we could never adequately describe just how many fall wines there are left to try. Take a trip to Eatzi’s at West Plano Village to experience our wide array of fall wines. You never know what flavor you could discover.

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