Anticipated Movie Releases in October at Cinemark in Plano

Nothing makes it feel more like fall than cool weather, hanging out with friends and enjoying a new release on the big screen at Cinemark in Plano. This October, there are quite a few movies coming out that are must-sees! So, mark off your calendar and plan not to miss these October new releases at Cinemark in West Plano Village.

Catch A Star is Born at Cinemark in Plano

If you like Lady Gaga, you’ll love A Star is Born. Even if you aren’t, we are sure you will be a big fan of hers when you leave the movie theatre! She and Bradley Cooper star in the new film coming out on October 5th, so you know it will be incredible with a cast as legendary as these two in the same film. Grab some popcorn, take a seat and enjoy the ride at Cinemark in Plano later this month.

You Don’t Want to Miss Venom

Venom is a must-see this Halloween season. It promises to be action-packed with non-stop stunts, high-speed driving and some of Marvel’s favorite superheroes. This movie is for people of all ages and will surely be a favorite for Halloween costumes this year. Check it out on October 5th as well!

 Celebrate October with the new Halloween  

The holiday of Halloween just doesn’t feel right without the release of its most iconic movie, Halloween. We all remember just where we were when we saw our first Halloween movie. The most Halloween costumes and candies continue to change year after year, but we can always count on Michael Myers being there for us in October. This time marks 40 years since it all started.

Also, before your movie, be sure to stop in at Kona Grill and enjoy some of the best sushi in Plano! For those trying to get into the Halloween spirit, be sure to check out the Night of the Living Dead 50th Anniversary screening at Cinemark in Plano only playing on October 24th and 25th. Check out our blog to learn more about the ways to make a day out of your trip to Cinemark in West Plano Village.  

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Photo sourced from Getty Images: #843061956