Allergy Tips for Winter with Texan Allergy Plano

Although lowering temperatures bring down the seasonal pollen count and an end to seasonal pollen allergies, several people are still living with winter allergies. Time spent indoors during the cooler weather contribute to increasing sickness due to winter allergens, animal dander, dust mites, and more. Fear not, Texan Allergy Plano has some advice to survive through this next season!

Give your pet a bath

All year-round pet dander is a big issue, especially indoors. Prevent accumulation by tackling the problem head-on by giving your fur baby a scheduled weekly bath. Not only is this a bonding moment, but it is also a chance to avoid severer allergy startup. While you’re at it, keeping carpets and furniture vacuumed¬†is essential as well.

Treat Your Bedroom as a safe haven

When at home, a majority of us spend the most time in our bedroom.  Because of this, your bedroom should have the fewest allergy triggers around. This means minimizing pet access and the removal of rugs, plants, and keeping clean carpets. Placing an allergenic barrier around your mattress or pillows prevent dust mites access to your nose. Washing your bedding with hot water once a week can also reduce dust mite loads in bedding.

Maintenance is good

Household maintenance can be mundane, however necessary with winter allergy prevention. Every month try to take a look at your home to survey for visible mold areas that have a potential for high-risk formation. Changing the air filters frequently can also downsize the issue. Airborne dust contains lint animal dander, bacteria, fabric fiber and food material.

If you are suffering from itchy eyes, stuffy nose and pressure in your head you might be suffering winter allergies. Avoiding allergy symptoms with knowledge is key when using these allergies tips for winter. If you suffer from winter allergies or need more advice to combat indicators visit Texas Allergy Plano.

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