Celebrate Life Insurance Awareness Day with Charles Schwab in West Plano Village

June 28th is an incredibly important day, because it’s National Insurance Awareness Day! No one like to think about life insurance, but we all know that it’s one of the most important things to keep you and your family protected. Charles Schwab is full of experts at keeping you safe from worries with life insurance. Here are the best benefits of life insurance to celebrate Insurance Awareness Day at West Plano Village:

There are Two Kinds of Life Insurance at Charles Schwab

Choosing the right life insurance plan can be tricky, but Charles Schwab offers two different options to make the choice easier. You can choose from a Term Life or Permanent Life insurance plan to best fit your needs and budget. Term Life tends to be cheaper, but only covers you for the specified time you choose. Permanent Life sticks with you forever, but the premiums can be a bit more expensive and the peace of mind it brings is well worth the extra few dollars.

Save Money with the Tax Benefits at Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab not only saves you money with banking, but their life insurance plans can keep the benefits going longer. Life insurance isn’t taxable, and the cash value and accumulated dividends you receive will be tax deferred. As your policy ages, it grows more in value, but you’ll always pay the same premium and never have to pay taxes on this wise financial investment.

When you’re not sure how to protect your life and your families, Charles Schwab is always there to make sure you have the right information. They will take care of your like their most important customer, because they know how important life insurance is to your wellbeing. Want to learn more about Charles Schwab and West Plano Village? Check out our blog today!

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