Spring Cleaning Tips with AMLI West Plano Village

It’s Spring time, and we all know what that means; Spring Cleaning! Now that Winter is over and Summer is almost here, it’s time to deep clean all the Winter nasties out of your apartment or house. We explore some Spring Cleaning tips with our favorite apartments, AMLI West Plano.

Wash Your Windows

Typical year-round window wiping involves cleaning just the inside of the panes because it’s faster than wiping down both the inside and outside of your windows. However, since inside-wiping can only do so much, and spring cleaning is meant to be an annual deep-clean, now is the time to clean both the inside and the outside. Getting off those outer smudges will improve your quality of life more than you could anticipate. TIP: to avoid hot sun drying up the cleaner before you can finish wiping, wait to do the windows until a cloudy, overcast day.

Revamp your Refrigerator

Once again, spring should be a time to scrub both the inside and the outside of your fridge! TIP for cleaning inside your fridge: Pull out all shelving and scrub with warm, sudsy water; wipe down what can’t be removed from inside the fridge thoroughly with a sponge. Replace the shelves.

Oomph-Up Your Oven

Spring is a great time to deep clean the accumulated charred bits inside your oven … Because who needs that giving your meals undesired extra flavoring? You especially need to do this (whether it’s spring time or not) if you smell something burning every time you use your oven. TIP: Chip off, collect and discard loose bits of burned-on gunk inside the oven with an old knife you don’t mind dulling. Spray with ammonia any bits that can’t be chipped off, let stand, and re-chip or scrub. Sprinkle baking soda and white vinegar onto the oven’s bottom, allow to bubble up, and wipe the rest of the grime away using a sponge.

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