Get Ready for the First Day of Fall Fashion at Nasr Bros Jewelers


It’s almost Fall in Plano and you know what that means, it’s time to get ready for the first day of fall fashion. This season, we’re dealing out some jewelry that’s downright statement-making at Nasr Bros Jewelers. Here is everything you need to know about jewelry for fall fashion from West Plano Village:

Pearl Earrings are the Best Fall Fashion Jewelry Trend

Pearls are always stylish, but this season it’s about the pearl earring more than ever before. While pearl earrings are a polished accent to just about anything in your closet this fall, try them out with a silky skirt and button-up shirt. Once the weather dips down below freezing, swap the cool fall look for warmer boots and add a puffy jacket to keep the style going into winter.

Rings are a Fall Jewelry Must-Have

All it takes is one big and fabulous ring to make a statement this fall, even for your everyday outfits. 2019 fall fashion is bolder than ever before, so why not take on that look with a big ring? Whether it’s all-metal or dazzling with rhinestones, this fall fashion trend is a must-have for the approaching season of bold styles.

Necklaces Tie the Whole Look Together this Fall

As always, it’s important to have a shiny necklace in your fall wardrobe. You’d be surprised how something gold or silver around your neck can really tie a whole look together in only a few seconds. When you’re shopping at Nasr Bros Jewelers, be sure to ask their sales associates what are hot this season to make an informed choice that will take your style to the next level.

Whether you’re a necklace, earrings or big fancy ring kind of person, Nasr Bros Jewelers has got you covered this fall. All you have to do is make your way to West Plano Village for the finest dining and the best jewelry store in Plano. Want to learn more about fall fashion in Plano? Check out our blog today!

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