Dallas Plastic Surgeons: Transformation Tuesday with Dr. Bader Plano

Focusing on aesthetic and reconstructive surgery centered around the entire face, head, and neck, Dr. Brad Bader delivers the best results among Dallas plastic surgeons. Dr. Bader is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon located in West Plano Village in Plano, Texas. Dr. Bader helps his patients achieve their cosmetic and reconstructive goals by offering the most advanced and proven methods available today. Here are just a few simple procedures performed in the office.

Botox and Xeomin

The most popular and simplest procedures, Botox and Xeomin, are perfect examples that correct insecurities. Most patients don’t experience pain or bruising with small injections in select muscles of the face. This process is the best when eliminating forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet and creating a temporary brow lift.

Skin Care

Against all odds our skin shows signs of aging with the emerging of discoloration areas, developing fine lines and wrinkles. The protective daily routine strategy is a very effective way to maintain your skin. Skin care products from Dr. Bader that are medical grade and prescribed such as sunscreen and other ointments are the best for the skin. Using this skin care program can rejuvenate and protect your skin.

Fat Transfer

After the fat transfer procedure, results will feature a youthful, full face with a rounded look. Becoming more popular in the last decade, this non-surgical method rejuvenates the entire face. The simple procedure can be performed in the office, harvesting small amounts of fat from the belly or thighs using a small liposuction cannulas. The fat is then injected using small cannulas into select areas of the face to increase volume where it has been lost.

Whether it’s a quick question or if you’re ready to make an appointment with the best practice in town, go to Dr. Bader!  As one of the top Dallas plastic surgeons, Dr. Bader can help you rediscover the new you. Call (214)-501-2021 to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Bader today!

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