Prep for a Cheerful New Year’s Eve in Plano at West Plano Village

Are you ready for New Year’s Eve in Plano? Welcome to the West Plano Village and discover what our retailers offer. Every day, we ensure that all your daily errand needs are met conveniently and affordably. Stop by today to prep for New Year’s Eve in Plano at West Plano Village:


Eat and Drink at Plano’s Newest Bar for New Year’s Eve in Plano

Fizz is one of the best places in Plano to relax and enjoy food and drinks with your loved ones. The bar and restaurant are famous for their unique cocktails and specialty drinks. Take advantage of their fire pits and cozy lounges to relax and have fun. Explore craft beers, local wines, and exotic drinks from around the world, and have fun every minute you spend at the restaurant.


Step Into Kona Grill for Sushi and Cocktails for the Holidays 

Want to spend intimate moments with your loved ones? Welcome to Kona Grill in Plano, and you will have a lot to love. Try dishes, such as edamame appetizer Jalapeno Yellowtail Sashimi among others. They create a fantastic fusion of traditional and modern Asian dishes to help you celebrate New Year’s Eve in Plano. The friendly staff and the beautiful atmosphere ensure you have a fantastic time.


Get Sweet Treats for the Whole Family at Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt 

Do you love frozen yogurt? There are several flavors of frozen yogurt to try at Pinkberry. You can try sweet pomegranate, pineapple, orange banana, and chocolate hazelnut. You can even better check their original for an authentic frozen yogurt flavor. There is always a unique flavor for you every time you visit them. 


At West Plano Village, we are dedicated to serving the needs of every customer. Whatever your plans are for the holidays, make us part of them, and you will not regret it. Looking for more ways to prep for New Year’s Eve in Plano? Check out our directory today! 


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Enjoy Holiday Date Night at This Cocktail Bar in Plano

Revelers, shoppers, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone else will find something to love in the West Plano Village. Start at the cocktail bar in Plano for your holiday date night and end at the grocery store for affordable shopping options. Stop by today to enjoy a romantic holiday date night at this cocktail bar in Plano at West Plano Village:


Start Mornings with a Cup of Coffee From Anywhere Around the World at Fizz Cocktail Bar in Plano 

Visit FIZZ in the morning for a sweet cup of coffee worldwide. Later in the day, bring your date for fine wine as you create memories. In the afternoons and evenings, FIZZ transitions to one of the neighborhood’s best wine and cocktail lounges. Here, you can have fun moments with your loved ones for holiday date night. 


Explore the Fun Features Offered at FIZZ for your Special Occasions

FIZZ is the brainchild of Jeff Murtha, the same brain behind Studio 80. The cocktail bar in Plano focuses on offering the best experiences for your special occasions and making every day worth remembering. They offer two full-service bars, a patio with a retractable roof, and fire pits. You will find something to love in the lounge whenever you visit. 


Discover Unique Cocktails and Specialty Drinks for Holiday Date Night

There are cocktails and coffees from around the world for you to explore. Whether you are looking for a classic cocktail or need contemporary offerings, there is always something for you at the restaurant. Everything is meticulously handcrafted with exciting twists on the original drinks to excite everyone. They use high-quality and fresh juices, spirits, and herbs for all their cocktails. Even better, they offer a complete menu with salads, chocolate fondue, cheese, and other dishes. 


Wine, dine and shop at West Plano Village today and make the best of your holiday. We are waiting to welcome you and your loved ones to the shopping center. Looking to enjoy the holiday season in Plano? Check out our directory today! 


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Discover Fun Fall Activities in Plano at West Plano Village

What do you like to do when the weather gets cool and comfortable? The West Plano Village brings you several interesting fall activities in Plano. Bring your family for dining, beauty, shopping, and health and fitness options that the shopping center has to offer for fall 2022. Stop by today for fun fall activities in Plano at West Plano Village:


Try Italian Dishes at Princi Italia as Part of Enjoyable Fall Activities in Plano 

Do you fancy Italian dishes? Princi Italia brings you everything that makes Italian dishes stand out from pasta and pizza to salads and vegetables. Everything is prepared from scratch at the restaurant, so bring your family and enjoy some sumptuous meals. It is a great place to enjoy a fine-dining experience with friends and family as you enjoy Italian hospitality. 


Experience the Relaxing Atmosphere for Fall 2022 at Fizz 

Fizz is a great place to relax after work or any other time of the day as you enjoy fun fall family activities in Plano. In the morning, the bar and restaurant serve delicious coffee worldwide. Later in the day, the restaurant serves wine and cocktails. As you enjoy your drinks, you get to enjoy live music from different local artists. Visit them today. 


Create Memories with Friends and Family Exploring Asian Dishes at Kona Grill 

Visit Kona Grill for brunch, lunch, or dinner and enjoy the beautiful environment and the friendly service that the restaurant has to offer. The restaurant offers dishes such as the traditional edamame appetizer and Jalapeno Yellowtail Sashimi. Order your meals online for delivery or pickup or make reservations for a memorable dining experience. The wait staff will help you get started with Asian dishes. 


From the eateries above, you can enjoy shopping and several services at any other retailers that make up West Plano Village. We bring you everything you need for fall and beyond. Looking to enjoy more fall activities in Plano? Check out our directory today! 


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Excite Your Taste Buds this Summer at Our NEW Cocktail Lounge in Plano

Summer is the best time to dine and wine at your backyard shopping center. Check out the new cocktail lounge in Plano at the West Plano Village. Whether you are looking for the best food or drinks in Plano, the shopping center brings the options you need to make your summer enjoyable. Stop by today to find the perfect cocktail lounge in Plano at West Plano Village

Enjoy the Best Drinks at FIZZ Cocktail Lounge in Plano for Summer 2022

FIZZ brings a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy the best cocktails in Plano. The bar and restaurant offer you coffee from around the world and later bring the best wine and cocktails. As you enjoy your drinks, the lounge brings you live music from different artists in Plano every day from Wednesday to Saturday between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. 

Enjoy Relaxing During Your Summer Holiday at the FIZZ Cocktail Lounge

The FIZZ Lounge in Plano has two full-service bars, one in an indoor setting and another set outside. When the days are sunny, the guests can use the retractable roof to enjoy the patio. When the weather gets cold, guests can have fun around the fire pits over engaging conversations. FIZZ is affiliated with Studio 80, the dance club in Fort Worth, as they are the creations of the same person. 

Experience the Sweetness of Handcrafted Drinks in Plano 

At FIZZ, you will enjoy craft cocktails, classic cocktails, original drinks, twists, and several favorites. They use high-quality spirits, fresh herbs, and fresh fruits to ensure you get the tastiest cocktails in town. They also offer food items, including salads, chocolate fondue, and cheese among others. Check out their more than 20 champagnes, more than 50 brands of wine, and several other drinks. 

The West Plano Village offers you much more than drinks and food. Check out several other retailers and see what we have on offer. Looking for the cocktail lounge in Plano? Check out our directory today! 

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